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Who We Are

Founded in 1985, the Dwarf Athletic Association of America is a non-profit organization that provides athletic opportunities for people of short stature. The organization consists of a core Board of Directors who are supported by volunteers and philanthropic contributors.

 Registration to participate as an athlete is open to everyone of every ability who has a form of dwarfism. In addition to our athletes, DAAA encourages participation from family, friends and supporters as volunteers and spectators.

What We Do

DAAA is primarily responsible for planning, financing and staging the annual U.S. National Dwarf Games. Our current focus for the National Games is to provide the best experience possible for the selection of athletic events that are offered. 

The organization is committed to developing athletic opportunities for first-time competitors through elite athletes with dwarfism. DAAA aspires to promote positive experiences for all participants, and to encourage all participants to embrace and embody high personal values, including courage, determination, inspiration, and equality.

Beyond the annual DAAA National Games, the organization is committed to recognizing and encouraging elite athletes to continue training toward participation in National and World competitions and ultimately the Paralympic Games. Toward this end, every 4 years DAAA co-ordinates and sponsors a USA team at the World Dwarf Games.

Where We're Headed

Regional Competitions and Clinics

DAAA strives to maintain balance between recreational and competitive opportunities for athletes with dwarfism. As scheduling, facilities and equipment availabilities allow, athletic competition and training events will be added. DAAA intends to develop regional games and sport clinics throughout the year.

Website Resources

As this website continues development, links to other disabled sports organizations will be added to inform our athletes of additional athletic opportunities. In addition, this website will contain results and records for our athletes from previous DAAA competitions. Athletes will be able to track their performance through the years using this website.

Quarterly Newsletter

DAAA will also be embarking on a mission to improve communication with our athletes and stakeholders. We will publish a quarterly e-mail newsletter. This will allow us to better inform our athletes and stakeholders of significant developments within the DAAA community. If you are interested in receiving our quarterly newsletter, please send your name, address, phone number and e-mail address to

How We'll Get There

Volunteer Commitment 

DAAA does not maintain a paid staff. Rather, our staffing is derived from volunteers that dedicate many hours of their time to organizing and hosting our National and Regional events. In addition, our board of directors commits many hours each year to ensuring that the organization develops the resources necessary to maintain and grow the opportunities that we offer our athletes.

Additional Funding

As athlete registration fees typically only cover one third of our annual operating expenses, DAAA has developed several funding methods to ensure the viability of the organization. These funding methods include an Annual Appeal Campaign to all athletes and stakeholders, a National Games Sponsorship Program and our Annual Golf Tournament. We are always interested in securing additional volunteers and learning of additional fund development ideas. Please contact our Fundraising chair, if you would like more information about any of these funding opportunities or if you would like to volunteer your time or ideas to assist DAAA in any of these areas.

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