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Tournament Registrations

2019 DAAA National Games - San Francisco Registration

The Dwarf Athletic Association of America (DAAA) will be hosting the 32nd National Games during the 2019 Little People of America (LPA) National Conference in San Francisco, CA, Saturday June 29th through Thursday July 4, 2019. Early registration is open from March 20th-May 31st. Late registration will be open from June 1st - June 15th. DAAA encourages all athletes with dwarfism, no matter the level of ability and skill to join the competition. All athletes who wish to participate are required to register for the DAAA National Games and complete payment.


2019 Med Evals are now available to download HERE  . We do apologize for the delay in getting this form posted. If you submitted a Med Eval for the 2018 Orlando games then you do not need to submit a 2019 Med Eval. All athletes must have a Medical Evaluation from 2018 or 2019 in order for them to compete. You can email your completed Med Eval to or bring them with you to San Francisco. 



  • Families can create a Family Account  or you can register as an individual. Go to the DAAA Events page and select event, there will be an option to register as an individual or create a family account.
  • Athletes register for each sport they want to compete (EACH SPORT IS A SEPERATE REGISTRATION) 
  • You MUST complete and pay for one registration and then you can go in and add other sports based on the memberships below. 
  • Souvenir T-Shirts can be purchased from the DAAA Store

This year there will be membership levels. These membership levels will be automatically assigned after you register and pay for your first Sport. 

  • 2019 Multisport - The cost of this membership level is $120.00. This is for athletes who want to participate in multiple sports.
  • 2019 Futures - (Ages 4-6) The cost of this membership level is $45.00. This is for future athletes. Sports offered for futures are Soccer, Track, and Swimming
  • 2019 Boccia Only - The cost of this membership level is $40.00. This is for athletes who want to participate in boccia only
The national games would not be possible without the help of volunteers. You  are now able to register directly for the event in which you want to volunteer. Registration is free and you can register for as many events as you want. To register as a volunteer you go to the sport you wish to volunteer, click on "register", and then click "Myself as as staff member" follow the on screen prompts to complete registration.

Questions about Registration
If you are having trouble with registration or have any questions please email

When arriving in San Francisco..

All Athletes must complete their registration at the DAAA Registration area before competing in any events. 


  • Athletes under 18 must bring a parent or guardian with them to complete registration
  • Pickup free athlete t-shirt and any souvenir shirts and bus passes purchased from our online store
  • Pick up name badge (required to check in and participate at all events)
  • Turn in current Medical evaluation 
  • During the games we will post event information and results on our website and on Facebook, We will also have information near onsite registration location. 
Medical Evaluations 
All Athletes are required to submit a current Medical Evaluation. Medical Evals expire after 2 years; therefore, all athletes must submit a new form if they don't have one on file from last years Orlando Games. Athletes who only participate in Boccia do not need a Medical Evaluation. When creating your DAAA athlete account please specify if we have a 2018 medical evaluation on file or if you will be emailing or bringing on site with you. We will be posting medical evaluation forms to download soon so check site and facebook. If you will be emailing your evaluation please email it to

Team Rosters 

Only Team Captains\Coaches are allowed to submit team rosters. Team Roster Forms are due June 5th, 2019 8 pm PST. Please go HERE for instructions on how to submit rosters

You can download roster forms here. Basketball Roster , Soccer Roster , Volleyball Roster ,Flag Football Roster 

Minimum team size for basketball is ten players per team with a maximum team size of twelve players.

Minimum team size for soccer is twelve players per team with a maximum team size of fifteen players per team.     

Minimum team size  for volleyball is 10 per team with a maximum team size of 12 players per team. 

Minimum team size for Flag Football is 9 per team with a maximum team size of 12 players per team

Team captains please check DAAA website for updated rules before the games to share with your team. (i.e. in soccer, there are no headers and no direct kicks). Contact Jeremy Harrison  with questions.

DAAA maintains the right to fill incomplete team rosters with independent players at DAAA's discretion.  DAAA will strive to make the most competitive team rosters possible while respecting the wishes rosters submitted and the needs of Independent players. We assure you careful thought is put into the make-up of the rosters with hopes of an exciting, fair, and fun competition. 

If you are participating in a team sport and have concerns or requests about teams you may send a confidential email to


DAAA provides pennies for teams that do not have uniforms. It is NOT DAAA's responsibility to provide uniforms. It is up to the team captains and\or parents to coordinate with other members of the team if they would like to purchase uniforms for the team. It uniforms are purchased they must have a number on them. 

Registration Deadline for Individual Events
Registration deadline for individual events additions is 24 hours prior to the event, provided there is room available in the timeline for each sport.  Events can be added on-site, as long as it is before the 24 hour final deadline.

After June 1st and Onsite

  • Must complete everything listed above. If there is no completed Medical Evaluation on file or brought to on-site registration, the athlete cannot participate.
  • After June 1st there will be a late registration fee of $50 in addition to the $120 registration fee.
  • Understanding that not all sporting events will have availability for additions after June 1st registration.
Refunds and Cancellations

Requests for refunds will be possible if communicated to email before June 1st, minus a $25 processing fee. Refunds or cancellations after June 1st will not be honored.

LPA Registration
Please remember our DAAA events are purposely and conveniently planned at the same time as LPA's conference here in beautiful San Francisco. You must be registered with LPA in order to receive the LPA rate at the Marriott Marquis and to participate in any of the LPA events, including the medical clinics and the nightly dances. The below link will take you directly to the LPA Registration page

LPA Registration

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